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Everyone loves the month of October, and for many good reasons! For some it's because the temperature is just right--not too hot and and not too cold. For others it's because the first month of schooling is over and they are finally getting set into the routine of the school year. Others love the month of October because cider mills are at the peak of their popularity and everybody loves some cider and donuts! However, most people love the month of October for one very simple, and very spooky, reason--Halloween. Halloween is one of the most exciting Holidays of the entire year for a great number of reasons. The biggest reason being that it is a time for everyone to embrace all of their greatest fears--which seems crazy, but around Halloween people truly accept the Halloween and its themes with open arms. There are a countless number of Halloween-themed attractions that begin to pop up in the month of October such as all sorts of costume parties, horror movies in the theatres, as well as haunted hayrides.

A Scary Good Time

However, one of the most exciting attractions around Halloween time is absolutely the Haunted Houses. Haunted Houses are large, usually re-purposed structures that are designed to incite the fears of their guests, and make them feel like they're in a nightmare situation. These Haunted Houses can have a great number of themes--from witch covens to freak shows; from psychotic mansions to traditional ghostly haunted houses. They are decorated with the scariest decorations in order to efficiently creep out their guests. These decorations can include stuff such as fake cobwebs, convincing but fake blood on the walls, and meat sacks hanging from the ceilings of a "butcher room." Haunted Houses are also employed by terrifying actors in costumes, dressed as ghouls, witches, goblins, zombies, vampires--indeed any and all monsters that are guaranteed to scare the dang socks off of you! So, even though Haunted Houses are so well loved around Halloween time, many people are upset that they only get to attend one per year. However, by renting a party bus with a group of your friends to take you around to all of the local haunted houses in one night, you can enjoy the full experience of Haunted Houses without the wait! This following article will highlight to you the many functions of a party bus, and why renting a party bus is a great idea for a night of travelling around to all of the local Haunted Houses!

Parties on Wheels

Party Buses are fun-filled mobile parties that have a great variety of different features and functions. Party buses come in a large range of sizes, and can carry anywhere from about a dozen to a dozen and half passengers, depending on the size of the bus. Most party buses have fantastic interior multi-colored lights, dancing poles, state-of-the-art speaker systems, as well as fully-functional coolers that can store any and all of your drinks. That being said, alcoholic beverages are completely legal for passengers on board of a party bus to consume. This way you can keep the party alive even while you're on your way to your next destination! Party Buses are a fantastic idea for a night of Haunted House-hopping because you can experience a particularly scary haunted house, and then unwind with your friends on the party bus and kick back a couple of drinks. Once you are satisfied, you can make your way to the next party bus and rinse and repeat!

Party Buses

We have several party buses and limos to suit your Haunted House needs.

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Philadelphia Haunted Houses

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