Our Pricing Is Simple!

Due to the varied nature of factors which dictate the pricing for our business, we don't advertise specific pricing for our services. The very minimum price you would find would be $85.00 per hour, which is simply a guideline for you to ascertain if the minimum price is feasible for you.

Our pricing is largely based off of demand and external factors such as the price of fuel. As such if you're looking to save some money, you will certainly be doing yourself a favor if you can avoid peak days such as Friday night, and Saturdays. As such, you'll find Sunday to Wednesday our most affordable.

We are quite happy to hear from you to provide you an accurate and detailed quote when you give us a call or send us an email. Our phone is always on, and emails are answered expeditiously.When you contact us, our accuracy is dependent upon receiving certain information from you.

3 passenger sedan

$85/hour + 20% gratuity

6 passenger SUV

$100/hour + 20% gratuity

12-15 passenger vans


55 passenger coach

$225/hour or wedding $1800

We need the following to provide you an accurate quote:

Date you require service.

Time you will require service during that day.

How many passengers do you wish to accommodate?

How many hours you will require our services?

Is this for a specific event?

Have you used our services before?

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